Our church is part of Sovereign Grace Churches, a growing family of approximately 70+ Christian churches all over the globe. Together with the other Sovereign Grace Churches, we share: 

• a vision to establish and support local churches
• a passion for the gospel of Jesus Christ
• a commitment to our doctrinal distinctions
• a desire to see church members bring glory to God in their public and private lives, both corporately and as individuals.

Sovereign Grace Churches does the following as part of its commitment to equip and develop local churches: 

• provides our pastors with peer relationships and ongoing training
• holds a variety of conferences for families, singles, and various types of local-church leadership
• supplies future leaders through the Pastors College
• offers books, teaching, and music designed to teach, encourage, and equip local churches.

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To learn more about the values we share with all of the Sovereign Grace Churches, visit our Beliefs Page.

Our church name echoes a central teaching of the Bible. God is Sovereign—that is, He holds all authority and power, for nothing has ever happened or ever will happen apart from His will. And as Christians, God saves us and relates to us completely on the basis of grace—that is, an unchanging favor that we did not earn and could never earn. 

How has this extraordinary thing happened? How has such sovereign grace come to be ours?

Through the gospel.

Local Churches in Our Region

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Gilbert   +   Sovereign Grace Church of Gilbert   +   Rich Richardson
Yuma  +  Legacy Church  +  Erik Rangel


Aurora   +   Sovereign Grace Church   +   Mark Alderton
Westminster   +   Grace Community Church   +   Glynn McKenzie


Orange   +   Sovereign Grace Church of Orange County   +   Eric Turbedsky
Pasedena   +   Sovereign Grace Church of Pasedena   +   Ron Boomsma
Santa Ana  +  COMING SOON  +  Kyle Houlton


Roseburg   +   Covenant Life Fellowship   +   David York